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Yale Sweeps Dartmouth In Final Home Racing

Yale’s Second Varsity leading Dartmouth into the last 500 meters of their race on Saturday morning. - Courtesy Joel Furtek
Yale’s Second Varsity leading Dartmouth into the last 500 meters of their race on Saturday morning. - Courtesy Joel Furtek

Defending National Champs Keep the Axe


NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Today on the Housatonic, all Yale boats triumphed over Dartmouth for the third consecutive year. Despite cold and choppy conditions, the Bulldogs stayed composed as Dartmouth challenged Yale throughout the morning with competitive spirit.


The 4V started off the day bow to stern over Dartmouth. Though Yale rowed strongly and maintained control during the race, the boats maintained their staggered start margin for the first 750. Yale pulled away during the turn entering the last 750 about a length up. The Bulldogs completed the course in 5:45.8, Dartmouth finished in 5:47.9. Though this was the 4V contest, Yale raced its 5V as well, a boat that crossed the line in 6:03.1.


Andrew Joyce '19, who raced in the 4V, said "it's always great to see the depth throughout the whole squad." It's worth noting that Yale also swept Brown last weekend in competition for the Albert Cup. Joyce continued, "Dartmouth is a team that has proved to be a great competitor, and I thought we handled the racing and the conditions well despite a tough week of training."


The Yale 3V had the most dominant performance of the day, winning by two lengths of open water over Dartmouth. The 3V took an early lead and continued to push away from the Big Green. Yale crossed the line in 5:37.0, while Dartmouth was in at 5:45.8.


The Eli 2V further added momentum to the sweep with another decisive victory. Though Dartmouth made a push in the last 500 closing the margin slightly, Yale finished a length and a half open over the Big Green. Yale raced the course in 5:32.8, Dartmouth in 5:39.3.


Racing for the Olympic Axe, the Yale 1V ultimately bested Dartmouth. The Big Green undoubtedly put forth a valiant effort finishing with contact behind the Elis. The Yale 1V finished in 5:26.1 and Dartmouth followed with 5:28.6.


Cole Tilden '18 raced in the 1V this morning. He makes one thing clear. "Our goal this year is simple, to win all the races in every boat. We've successfully done that with Brown and now Dartmouth. We're back to the grindstone tomorrow to continue to make that happen." 


Yale continues racing next weekend at Columbia. Yale lines up against Columbia and University of Pennsylvania for the Blackwell Cup. The Blackwell Cup currently resides at Yale's Gilder Boathouse.




Yale - 5:45.8

Dartmouth - 5:47.9

Yale 5V - 6:03.1


Yale - 5:37.0

Dartmouth - 5:45.8


Yale - 5:32.8

Dartmouth - 5:39.3


Yale - 5:26.1

Dartmouth - 5:28.6





Cox. Vlad Saigau

8. Sholto Carnegie

7. Leonard Jenkins

6. Cole Tilden

5. Jack Lopas

4. Paul Jacquot

3. Thomas Beck

2. Thomas Digby

1. Andrin Gulich



Cox. Woods Connell

8. Kevin Kiernan 

7. Jonathan Winter

6. Garth Holden

5. Bryan DeVries

4. Matteo Sandrelli

3. Nicholas Helms

2. Orlando Nixon

1. Freddie Elwes



Cox. Thomas Fant

8. Angus Morrison

7. Thomas Bischoff

6. Alex Julicher

5. Bobby Jahrling

4.Alex Jeremijenko 

3. Lucas Peilert

2. Edgar Staunton

1. Seth Bartlett



Cox. Katherine Hofmann

8. Andrew Joyce

7. Alex Lindsay

6. Will Powers

5. Henry Kamp

4. Jack Morton

3. Jack Palmer

2. Magruder Dent

1. Louis Abrassard


By Izak Epstein, Sports Publicity Assistant. You can contact him at